Fit 5

Introducing Fit 5 from Special Olympics! Athletes want to perform their best at every competition. You can do this by being fit.

Fit 5 is a plan for physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. It can improve your health and fitness to make you the best athlete you can be.

Fit 5 is based on the three simple goals of exercising 5 days per week, eating 5 total fruits and vegetables per day and drinking 5 water bottles of water per day.

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School of Strength

Introducing a whole new way to exercise, featuring WWE Superstar Becky Lynch. Work out with these videos five times a week to help you stay fit and reach your athletic goals. Watch them in order starting with Video 1. When you can do each exercise in a video correctly, it’s time to move on to the next one.

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Online Athlete Nutrition Guide

Healthy nutrition helps to build many strong foundations in Special Olympics Athletes. Not only will it help to fuel physical activity and sport, but sound nutrition contributes to a healthy body weight, optimal growth and development and disease prevention.

Special Olympics Canada and Sobeys have put together this great resource to help our athletes reach their goals through proper nutrition.

SO Healthy @ Home

SO Healthy @ Home is a collection of online resources, tips, and ideas to stay healthy from home.